Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, My goodness

Is it ever raining!!!! And we had a tornado warning!!!! AND i fell down right in front of Winn-Dixie in the pouring down rain, in the mud puddles, everyone ran out to see if i was all right, all ok.... just really, really embarrassed.... At least i have a use for the umbrella i bought not long ago... Use it to take Luci out to potty, picture if you can- me holding it over her as she tries to do her business :) Funny-Funny!!!!
Then when i came back i had left two windows open facing North, rain usually comes from the South, well, not this time, water all over the bed and floor, books, purse, computer case, at least the computer was not in it!!! So had that to clean up, and have towels all over trying to get dry in the humid/wet air, like that will happen. Guess when i leave will just have to close up everything, just in case. When i got up this morning it was 75/humid and rather nice, then all of a sudden while i was waiting in the Post Office it all changed and temperature went down like 20 degrees and rain came. I just don't know this weather or what to expect, but i am learning, why is it always the hard way ??? :)
Have a sunny day!!!!


  1. Where are you Loree? All that water and temperature changes doesn't sound like fun, but it does sound exciting. What a day. Glad you made it without serious injury and good luck holding that umbrella over your little lovey while she poops! LOL

  2. oh gee, Loree. Glad you didn't get hurt! I hope the rain stops for all of us, I will be flying into Orlando December 9th, driving up to Ocala for a week. whew. December in Florida can be sooooo gorgeous, and sometimes sooooooo wet.