Thursday, November 11, 2010


One of the many, many hotel towers in the Destin area....Huge!!!
Destin area....
Fort Pickens

Have calmed down a bit and figured out some of the things on the computer...
Yesterday i Went to the Destin area and it is really a touristy place, i am much happier in my little Navarre area that is more my speed and homey, BUT i did stop at Panera bread and get some good bread. You know you get spoiled by the things where you live and what you are used to and have been having a problem getting the foods that i normally got in Bend, the great bread and fresh produce, farm raised at the farmers markets and roadside stands, which they have none of here. Today we went to Fort Pickens and walked on the beach there and I really scored a couple of different shells, even went into the surf for a couple that i saw being tumbled about, Luci just stayed on the shore with her ears back, like she knew Mom was going to die!
Have been finding little gobs of tar on the beach and oily residue on some of the shells, It is distressing but does not negate to power and beauty of the place.


  1. Nice pictures. Is Luci with you?

  2. Love that sunshine and water. The only water I'm experiencing is falling from the sky...not my favorite. Enjoy the weather for me.

  3. Hi! Thought I better stop by and say hi! It's cold here, freezing at night, had snow a couple of days ago, but it melted right away!