Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is what i am seeing on the beach!!! It was on the news last night that the purple flags are up for the 'man of war' jellyfish also known as Cuban or Portuguese Man of War and they are all dried up by the time i see them, but the inky like residue is left, saw a good one the other day tho that must have been new and there were tentacles attached too!!! They can have tentacles 20-30 feet the article said. Soooo i was completely wrong about it being oil, i know nothing, it is jellyfish!!! And i am no longer going to go around them or try poking them with sticks :)
(i got this picture off the Internet)
We are having wind from the North it is 56 out, tide is out, so i am going to go see what the beach looks like today.
Y'all have a good week-end!!!

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  1. Where are you again? It seems like a very interesting place to be. Maybe next year.