Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ttook a picture of some of the shells I found! Yes I did. Don't know what it is, but just LOVE looking for shells and can walk for hours & hours. Just keep picking them up. Everyone I had to bend over for and pick up! Just know that around the next bend just a little further on, there will be that perfect, huge one, that is a once in a lifetime find... It is good if you can get up early and be the first one on the beach, and that is not likely to happen for me, so it will just take longer and more and more beaches. In the days to come I will show more that have found. Today was one of the biggest ones yet for finding some really good ones. Need to get a book tho that shows what they are and what lived in them. Got some pieces of ones today, that if I found a whole, perfect one, it would be wonderful.
Tonight went for a swim in the unheated pool too!. Let me tell you it was pretty darn cool, but it is humid and it felt pretty good and am all cooled down after cooking the bacon & hamburger for the beans I am making for tomorrow's potluck. Had the air on and the stove fan, so did not get too overheated, but it was warm and rather sticky in here, so the swim was great!


  1. what a great Thanksgiving find!!

  2. I'm with you! I can just spend untold hours wandering an ocean beach looking for shells. :)