Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It rained, RAINED, really rained, almost all day!!!! Everyone has those days. Rain, rain, go away. come again another day! Did i mention it rained? Luci does not like the wet, any kind of wet, had to DRAG her outside this morning, for first time out, i KNOW she had to go, did her duty and ran back to the house (RV) spent all morning under her blanket on the couch, what a wuss... the RAIN slowed down a bit so went to the grocery store, seems like i spend alot of time going there. think it is because you have limited storage space for food and you can't really stockpile, which is something i have gotten from my parents, who lived thru the Depression. And always have lots of foodstuff in the house, basics to make other things from, but here, you only have enough for a couple days at best, so you run to the grocery again. then we got home b4 it rained some more, suppose to be like this until the week end, so that is only 2 more days, of, yes, RAIN... the retention pond was half full and the swimming pool was even high, they have good drainage here tho and little gullies of it all go down to the pond, which was a really nice depressed grassy area to walk the dogs, but no more as it is filled with rain... :)
So, hope you are all dry, Take Care and God Bless
(one good thing is i have not found any leaking places, knock on wood)


  1. Rainy days are always good for propping the feet up and reading a good book.

  2. A rainy day is always a good old reasonable excuse for doing totally nothing:)) Very necessary for our well being sometimes......