Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Paid for another month here and it was a revelation that i have to pay sales tax and hotel tax too! Almost another whole $100 for those and Electricity was $45, wasn't that much in Iowa and ran the air conditioner alot more there than here. So rather scared about heating this winter, if have to do that, or if i do need to run the air :(. There are all of these little added things that seem to add up and go on and on.
BUT it was 80 here today, worked on the tan some more. Made some more cards, as i need some for the next couple of months, birthdays and what not, and have to get all of this 'stuff' out of here and back in the basement, there is just too much sitting about and making me anxious. There is not all that much room in here, right? So the best thing to do was to DO something so i can put things away. Which i accomplished and tomorrow can store things back where they belong.
Tomorrow going to the beach again, another beach day is due, see if things have changed there. We are supposed to get some rain at the end of the week, so have to jump on the beach thing while i have the chance.
Everyone have a Good Thanksgiving, Take Care and God Bless
I KNOW i have alot to be thankful for...............

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