Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

A good day was had by all. Once again the dinner at the clubhouse was wonderful, if I must say. Eating, talking, laughing. Phone calls and texts from relatives in Oregon. Everyone sounded happy and jovial.
Last night we about got blown away!!! The wind, the wind, oh my gosh..It is still going on. We are a rockin and a rollin in the RV. The awning is up, of course, so all is well, but my wind chime is about chimed out, the poor thing.
Luci goes out, does her thing and wants back in right now! Don't you know.
The walk to the shower is a lesson in fortitude!!! But it certainly wakes a person right up!!!
The propane started blowing cold air yesterday afternoon, why can I not get that figured out? So the little heater has been pulled into action and has performed admirably let me tell you, we bundled as much as possible too!! Hopefully the office is open today for refills :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day in the waning times of 2010.
Take care and God Bless!!!!


  1. Sounds like your two are having a great time! Sorry about the weather though! That is part of the adventure though... : )

  2. I understand about the heater. For some reason the heat doesn't reach the bedrooms in my house and my office is in the bedroom as far away as you can get from the furnace. That means it's usually cold. I'm sitting here typing with half gloves on and a small heater turned on under my desk. At least your friend in the picture is able to wear shorts. If only.