Saturday, December 4, 2010

Favorite Place

Soon after I got here, they put this chair in & it is one of our favorite places to relax :) so comfy!
Neat thing happened today, I was at the little beach on the bay by our RV park, soaking up the rays as it is a really nice day, and a pelican came right in, in front of me, dove & caught a fish, Just right there!!! In front of me!!! I happened to have my eyes open right then! How often does that happen? It was so cool to see!
Have a good day!!!


  1. I love the pelicans, Loree. Here in Klamath we have white pelicans, they fly in formation like airplanes. Love em.

  2. That would have been cool to see. :)

  3. Does that chair swing? It looks like it does and if so, it looks perfect. I want one.