Thursday, December 2, 2010

Luci's Friend

This is Luci's friend! Joe...He is our neighbor out the front door. She hears him drive up and gets excited, steps outside and sees him and just goes crazy!!! She wants him to pay attention to her and pet her, and he does, everytime. Comes over and talks to her, kneels down and pets her and rubs his hands all over her. It is the cutest thing. When we go to the office to get mail or take the garbage to the trash bin, she looks over there and pulls on the leash, wants to go over and 'talk' to him. I swear, she is in love. Joe is from Ohio and here for the winter as we are, so the affair will continue.
I am just the accsesory, the one that feeds her and picks up her poop and walks her.
Hope you all have an accessory and a 'friend'
Take Care and God Bless


  1. accessory - just a friend : )

  2. Pets her and rubs his hands all over her.......I am drooling like the dog.

  3. Well at least we know she's straight :)