Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Now, I have lost the remote for the RV television up front!!! So am using the remote from the bedroom, now tonight will probably forget where that one is, as will leave it in here. Geez!!!
Yesterday took a bunch of pictures and the camera battery was dead, so no new pictures.
Had no hot water- the water heater was not lighting, well today it has warmed up considerably and it just started, Dave the RV tech I know, says it was more than likely due to the cold it was not used to, well I am not used to the cold either and don't work as well, so guess can't blame it for taking some time off, BUT now it is working, can hear it going off now and again, so have HOT water, yippee!!! Thought I needed more propane, yes, MORE, but that started this morning too, so, guess everything is a go!!!!
Needed to call Dave (in California) because was worried that I might need to run the RV motor or something, tend to the battery or just something, rather than to just let it sit for 3 mos and than expect it to start, but he says this is so, and it will. Have noticed that no one else ran their RV's or maybe I was missing something, but guess not :)
Today was haircut and pedicure day and they let Luci come in with me, as we were the only ones there, she was just thrilled!!! Just sat right by me, guarding I guess, she was a tad bit leery of all the goings on and was really upset when the hair lady came in while I was getting the pedi, would not let her come down the hallway or into the room, she had to talk to us from the front entry, hee-hee, love my dog, love me.....
My toes are beautiful!!!
God Bless All!!


  1. I try to run my motorhome engine at least every two weeks for at least 20 minutes. I've been caught with a dead battery early in my career. Once a month on the generator as well under full power (air conditioner). I think it's better to be safe than sorry! :)

  2. We just found out recently if your propane is low when it gets cold the propane stays liquid and doesn't become gas so if you are working the water heater on propane that is a possibility. Our furnace didn't come on one night and one cylinder still had some propane but not much. In the morning it worked but we went and filled the tanks.