Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas House

Someone's house near the Bay, all festive for the Holiday! Like the house and porch.

This was yesterday at the beach. Today got to the beach too late, tide was pretty much in and there was not really much there in the way of shells. The pretty blue colors are showing tho. Supposed to get to the 70's by Wednesday and they have been pretty right on with their forecasting. When I went down there had my shorts on! In the middle of December!!!! Now we're talking. Guy to the left of the RV helped me today with the water heater, which is just not staying on to heat. Don't use it really except for washing up and doing the dishes, BUT it is an inconvenience to not have it working and it should, work, you know. He looked at all the fuses, which appeared ok and tightened the fastenings and now it is coming on and heating, hope it keeps doing so, or it may be the regulator and be $150, (so says the guy two doors down who is having problems with his too) plus having to have someone come out to fix the thing :(
Thank you neighbor!!


  1. We really enjoy empty beaches. We will be in Navarre Wednesday at the Emerald Beach RV Resort on 98.

  2. I want to be where you are. I love all the pictures you post, especially down at the beach. I can feel my toes in the sand and it feels wonderful.