Monday, December 13, 2010

These pictures are from yesterday, and one would assume it looked like that today too, as the wind, the wind, just goes on and on, and it is cold, BUT weatherman says that after tomorrow there is a warming trend- then I had to go, so don't know how warm or for how long!
Tonight was the monthly, no host, dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, East River Smokehouse. Let me tell you!!!! that was soooo good, the BBQ sauce! Wow!! had a tangy, spicy taste to it, had the ribs and have enough left for tomorrow too! The neighbors asked if i wanted to ride with them, so did, we did not have to take two cars. It was nice. They are from Ontario, near Upper Michigan. Nice people. Having problems with their furnace and different things with their new 5th wheel, but seem to be getting things in order.
Boy, i can't wait for some HEAT here. Why are we always complaining about the weather? or is it just me? too hot/humid or too cold, right now can't decide which is the worse thing :)
Stay warm, Merry Christmas!!!!
You know, want talk more about the water, you would not believe it is the same body of water! I feel the Pacific is always more or less the same, always waves, some higher and more furious than others. But the Gulf can be darn right placid, just gently lapping the shore, than you have days like yesterday where it is just as furious as the Pacific and the wind directs the waves crosswise to the shore and it is fairly crashing ashore. And the color is way different too, on gentle days you have that see- through turquoise color, many hues showing the depth, looking fairly tropical like in Cozumel, Mexico. The many faces of the Gulf!!! Have never seen it steel grey like the Pacific tho.
So, there you have it, my various thoughts on the state of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida Panhandle.
Take Care all...stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!

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