Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Book

Just finished Edward Kennedy's book, True Compass. It was very readable and thoroughly enjoyed it. Read it in record time. Under lined many passages and things he said.
"the louder our voices become, the more we grow strangers to each other" spoke to me
as did his views on war, a distillation of St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas:

(1) A war must have a just cause, confronting a danger that is beyond question
(2) It must be declared by a legitimate authority acting on behalf of the people
(3) It must be driven by the right intention, not ulterior, self-interested motives
(4) It must be a last resort
(5) It must be proportional, so that harm inflicted does not outweigh the good achieved
(6) It must have a reasonable chance of success

He spent his whole time/life in politics fighting for, trying to achieve affordable health care for all, which he never accomplished. He did have many pluses to his column though in passing legislation in health care, education and the welfare of his, less fortunate fellow man. He was not without his faults which he freely admitted to.

I don't want to be a forum for contention or proselytizing, but it was a very thought provoking book which i enjoyed and wanted to share some things i got out of it. Wish i had his drive in my life through hardship and profound sadness.

Take Care and God Bless ALL!!

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