Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye Florida

I have had a wonderful Winter here at Emerald Beach RV in Navarre, Florida. The beaches are spectacular! Am taking buckets full of shells away with me, even tho never found THE great shell, did find some really wonderful ones that the Sea gave up to me freely, even if sometimes i had to get wet fighting for them :). Had wonderful walks, good meals/conversations with great people. The sun came out today for my last day, if that pesky North wind would die down, it would be a perfect day! They are having a chili cook off at the clubhouse tonight. Life is good.
Moving onward and upward, or at least Westward !!!


  1. Safe travels to you! Looks like I'll be in the repair place until at least next Tuesday...

  2. I love the last good bye pic!!

  3. Sorry we did not get to say goodbye. It was great meeting you. Have a safe journey!

  4. Hi, Loree re:my blog booklist
    The book by Lavryl Spencer was an old one that I picked up at my library for 50 cents. I really enjoyed it, I'm hoping to find more of her books used. I had to stop buying new because I was spending way too much money on books.