Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive!!

That was one of my Gramma Larrance's sayings!!!
We are having, have had the BIGGEST thunder and lightning storm. Don't know why i am so preoccupied with the weather. It is the strangest thing. Have i always been this way? Maybe i thought that it was going to be these perfect summer days 60-80 all the time in Florida!!!
The storm appeared ( i was still in my 'cave', ie: bedroom, with Luci smooshed up beside me and did not venture a peek even out of the shades :) oblivious of what is happening) to come in from the Gulf and then roll across the bay and the thunder would just go on & on & on seemed like forever. Started at about 9am and it is still pouring rain but seems as if the lightning and accompanying thunder has gone by. Did turn on the TV for any warnings and there were none!! The wind buffeted the RV back and forth, it was black as night out (well at least in the cave) The rain was pounding on all sides.
Of course Luci was not to excited about going out for the 1st time, but I knew she had too, so we ventured forth, me in nightie and long bathrobe, kneeling/bending over, holding umbrella over her so she would concentrate and not be too overly concerned with the pelting rain and would do her 'thing' which she did do in very short order, then practically ran back to the door, whining to be let in, right NOW... geez
That is the morning so far, can see a day inside with TV/movies and crocheting.
God Bless all!!!!

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  1. Someone recently said that the RV life connects us much more fully to natural cycles and forces than allowed for in a stick & brick life. Maybe that's what you're experiencing?