Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking Ahead

Starting to get things in order as i am leaving here the 22nd. Made reservations in Ocean Springs Mississippi for two days then in New Orleans for 5 days. Hopefully will meet up with Judy from 'Travels With Emma' to see the sights in New Orleans, and that will be so nice to have someone to do things with! After that will head down to Texas, not sure where yet, but will get to San Antonio to see my Aunt.
Have had a wonderful time here in Florida, would have liked to have a little warmer weather than we have had here the last couple of days and really off and on since November. Have gotten to talk with Chuck and Anneke from 'Goldenshoe RV' a couple of times, gotten good tips and conversation with them. All the people at Emerald Bch RV have been wonderful and very helpful. Have found TONS of wonderful shells (just where i am going to stash them have not quite figured out yet :)
It is turning around and heading back to Oregon is the way it feels. It will take awhile, am not going to try to do it in a week or a month even, but it is a turning back towards home and what is familiar.


  1. Can't beat Oregon for a good part of the year, I would agree. Nice that you and Judy can get together for some fun times! Yay RV Bloggers!!

  2. Hey - 49 of 50 states have snow - Florida is the only one that doesn't!!

  3. I sure hope my repairs and recalls go quickly so I can join you in New Orleans! I've got the faucets running already tonight starting at 8:00! Brrr Texas is not warm tonight!

  4. Loree, We are from Oregon too. My oldest son lives in Bend, and Sheryl & I own property in Bend as well. Our home is in Grants Pass, OR. We have enjoyed being here in Texas staying on the Padre Islands, but we look forward to getting back to Oregon this spring as well. As you said: "It's familiar! Be safe & God bless

    Jeff & Sheryl Bright

  5. I'm going to miss all your pictures of the ocean.