Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the Road

Well another new state! Did not take long to get out of Florida and past Alabama. Was a little worried about Mobile, but it was nothing, except they had a tunnel, that is always a bit different, but no prob at all. that is a good thing. and got gas at a Love's for $3.07 in Alabama, then here it is $2.85!!! going to get some for the truck, don't suppose i could get into those stations in any case, but may be another down the road, large enough for the RV, then the 1st time at the pump i was too far away, SO, had to pull out and go around for another try!!! But got into it ok then whew!!!!

LOOK at the Rest Stops in Mississippi!!!! Opulent and luxurious with a sitting room yet, and they were so polite and offered coffee to everyone, and all the maps or information you could ever want, really nice service!! My friend in Iowa, Carol, her Niece, Jennifer went on a trip last year cross country and made a little blog thing on all the rest stops they stopped at, they were traveling fast and had a set time i think to get where they were going, wonder if she came across Mississippi one's, they would rate a 10 for sure!!!

We walked around, then had lunch in the RV before heading on down the road. Did not really take very long, only a couple hours. Just wanted to get used to driving again. Bright sunny day, hardly any wind, so it was the perfect day for a move.

This is our space. We got all set up then took a short drive to Ocean Springs to see what it was like, Lots of live oaks in the town and very narrow streets. But some funky little shops, will have to go back and see what i can see there. Did stop by a garden place as i was driving by saw some metal sculptures that had sen in a couple yards and got a pelican and an armadillo!!! :) AND they were half price. So spur of the moment, now wondering what they will look like in the yard :( if nothing else they will be a conversation piece. Got the armadillo for my brother, seemed like something he would think was cool!!! and really funky..... HA!
Take Care All

Welcome to Rick & Paulette RV travels for joining me....

Road kill Report: is spotty at best...hee-hee... couple of unidentified and a squirrel and raccoon.


  1. Wow! I thought the rest area in Louisiana was nice, but don't think they had a sitting room! :) So where are the picks of the yard art?... 1

  2. That's a rest stop? Wow that is so cool.

  3. Excellent gasoline prices. We are averaging $3.30 per gallon... OUCH!!!! Pretty awesome rest stop :) Safe travels and I love you <3

  4. We did come across a couple of Mississippi rest stops, our first one was in Vicksburg on our way to Florida. The one in the picture looks familiar, but do not know what route you are taking, so not sure if we found that one. They do have some pretty awesome rest stops across the United States.