Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oak Ally, 28 perfectly spaced live oak trees
St Joseph Plantation. They raise sugar cane. Dredge sand from the Mississippi, used for construction, they don't own the river, but own rights alongside the shore. Also lease space to barges, resting, waiting to unload further down stream in New Orleans. They own land about 1/2 mile along the river, but it goes back or south 7 1/2 miles. She said the land was suited to cane and they can plant it year after year, with no crop rotation! It is still a family owned operation, there are now 122 members.
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This is a REALLY big bridge across the Mississippi. The Veterans Memorial Bridge. Couldn't get another pic as was driving and had to pay attention.
This was quite a distance from N.O. and of course i started late and wanted to get back b4 rush hour and dark. It also cost $15 to tour the St Joseph Plantation, so could not see each and every one of them, but wanted to see them and the grandeur of their settings. there two others, but you had to go back to the bridge, it appeared to be the only one in the area and then back along the other side twice as far, so i was satisfied with the two i saw.
Also went to the Laura Plantation store, which was pretty cool, they had some neat things and found a mardi gras 'ducky', if you remember the ducks we got at the Outer Banks, there are apparently ones themed to different areas, who knew???
Doesn't take much to keep me happy :)
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. I would have enjoyed seeing that tunnel of oaks. :)