Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday Night Sing-A-Long

A guitar and 3 dulcimers! It sounded neat. There are lots of people out there with talent. It was a fun night.
Cold and dreary today. Raining tonight. Had to get more Propane. Then the furnace decides to only work with the coach tank and only blows cold air with the auxiliary, which is not very helpful, BUT i have heat, at least. Sadness that i even need heat!! Got lots done on my afghan, am on the final row!!
So, that's it, not much else...
Take Care All......
Oh, a note on my ill friend, she is on life support, apparently with no brain activity and her two sons and family are arguing over what needs to be done. Some believe that she will eventually wake up and be ok, it would be a sweet world if that would only happen. In reality, everyone should have this written down and discussed with family members so they know exactly what you would want. Certainly a final directive order made on all health issues (not that any of you would need that...BUT) i had mine completed before i left.
In the meantime please pray for my dear friend, Sonja.


  1. My thoughts are with Sonja, and that they will release her to peace. :(

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and you're right about a final directive. I learned all about that caretaking my parents so I have done the same for myself and given a copy to my son.

  3. We have our living will with us in the trailer and our boys both know our wishes. We even talked to them about funerals and what we want so they know. Those are not fun topics to discuss but as we age it is so necessary. Our wishes are very simple and we needed the kids to know that.