Monday, January 24, 2011


When i checked in at Journeys End, the person showing me where things were said "see that lady up there with the cleaning cart, she is right in front of the restroom" soooo, i took that to mean MY restroom. Got up the next morning and toddled off in my nightie and long bathrobe/shower paraphernalia and went in where the lady had been :) Saw the urinal and thought, how odd... when i got done with my shower noticed that the place was decorated in fishing motif, went to bathroom and as i was sitting there contemplating life in general, it occurred to me, oh my heavens i do believe i am in the MEN'S room. Sure enough i was!!! did not even look at the sign on the way in! Went over to the ladies and sure enough, no urinal and it was decorated like the bottom of the ocean, guess that is more ladylike. Someone must have seen me go in, i had no 'visitors' when in there, Ha-ha, such a way to start the day.
Hope you all get to where you intend on going.....


  1. Well, at least you will start your stay with a reputation.

  2. I just Hate That when it happens! LOL

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  3. Oh my, at least you didn't have any visitors.

  4. I've done that too, but not to take a shower! :)