Thursday, February 17, 2011


My spot here at the Sands.
First view of a mountain with snow on it!
Well, i found the Von's, which is Safeway i guess. And Blair's RV as my tool that lowers the levelers broke, would no longer move the thingy, this AFTER one of the levelers was down, so had to have the tool as could not go anywhere with one leveler down. Have to work on this leveling thing, as have two down on one side as it is leaning to the right, and can't get it up far enough to change anything, so think i need to get some more pieces of wood under them...
Had to put the awning in as the wind came up and was making it go wild. Little chilly right now, was 65 when i got here. But i think it is the wind causing the chill
Well, we have to go for a walk, so Luci can see her surroundings. :)
It is nice hereCheck Spelling
Take Care and God Bless


  1. I think there is a goat in your front yard.....

  2. Yeah! What's up with the goat?? :) Good luck with the levelers. Levelers are high on my priority list..

  3. Yeah, those levelers can really get sticky sometimes! Hope you enjoy the Sands. I think there are lots of fellow bloggers hanging out in your world there.