Friday, February 11, 2011


Here at the campground, cute huh?
Another prickly!
Well, let me just say, that there is not too much redeeming about this part of West Texas that i came thru to get here. what a total wasteland. No roadkill report as there is nothing that could live out there! After El Paso there were two coyotes.
It certainly got my attention when the sign said 1 1/2 mile to Juarez, Mexico!!! I paid CLOSE attention. The freeway runs right schmack along the border too. You can look off to the left and see nothing but hovels and squalor on the hillside, While on the U.S. side there was all this fancy new building. You would think they could place it somewhere else, so those people would not have to look at America's overly opulent extravagances. Can't imagine, that office or apts or whatever they were would want a view of that hillside. Wish i could have gotten a picture, just to have and be glad i have what i do, even if i had to work to get it. BUT i was busy staying in the right lane to NOT get to Juarez!


  1. Looks sunny, hopefully you are having better weather now.

  2. I doubt it will ever get as popular as the similar one in the UK :)