Sunday, February 13, 2011


That there was lots of snow, too on that crappy road and i crossed the Continental Divide at 7740 ft there too
Today not too memorable. Only that all went well, that is a good thing. Just that desert again, lots of the Yucca plant, with dead pods mountains in the distance, went thru Texas Canyon in Arizona and it was pretty cool, HUGE boulders stacked and tumbled every which way, lots of freight trucks.
This KOA seems pretty nice, gravel and dust, everything hooked and unhooked ok, did not have to take a hammer to the pins on the tow bar :)
Now, about the Low-Hi, i was bitterly disappointed that no one came to say hey, they all said hello when you met them on the way to some where or walking the dog, nothing out of their way like they advertise. AND the 1st day there was no water in the shower, now had i gotten up prior to 9a i could have had a shower one would suppose. Then this morning there at 7:30a and of course someone was in there, there only being ONE shower and they were taking their time, let me tell you. I find it only courteous to get in and out, so others may use it, do my primping, such as it may be in the RV. i wanted a goodly time, then stomped back to the RV and sponged, yet again!!!! yes, 2 days, no shower and washed my hair in the sink, so i was relatively oder free. BUT let me say, this was NOT a happy camper.
So i have all kinds of brochures and have to plan my time!!!
Later guys
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience at the LoWs park. Did you go to the happy hour or go to a potluck? I enjoyed my time there in late '09, and made at least one good friend. :)