Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Just Sayin

I, in fact, DID take a shower in the RV this morning and it worked!!!! water did not get everywhere, and i am sure i am going to enjoy this much better than the trudge down to a shower somewhere. The one here in the park may be very nice, BUT it is about a mile away and there is NO parking by it. I don't feel so inclined to go down there in the early morning in my nightie and bathrobe as i have been doing. THAT was only for short distances, this would be a BIG production. The shower worked very nicely, I fit, just have to be careful getting in and out. A header would be into a wall and there is not much room for my body to slump onto the floor!!!
So, i am a happy camper.
(Judy, you are right, i know i am going to cherish having my own to use. Stubbornness leaves you nothing to gain)
Wind just came up, so no awning again today, i just like having that out, it looks and feels nice.
Yesterday when i went to Von's made an appointment with a nice little lady to get my hair done at 11a. we will see. Right next to there is a tire place to finally get my pick up tires checked and make them put air into my bike, as i am going to need it to get to activities around here in the park. Tomorrow Bobby Freeman is playing, a big deal, i guess, don't know who he is. And next Thursday is a luncheon put on by the park. So socializing will be done.
Take Care All!!


  1. ..I must not be reading this right..are you saying you are stubborn??

  2. So glad you finally took a homebound shower! :)

    Is this the same park Rick is in?