Monday, February 7, 2011

Mission Espada

My mom and i were in San Antonio in the early 90's and went to ALL the missions, plus Goliad, after reading "Texas" by James Michener. We were all stoked on the history and the surrounding area. So this time i did not feel compelled to go to all of the missions. This one was right near where i was staying and i don't think we came down this far. so i had never seen it.

They are always lovely to see. this one was established in 1731! Think of it, there was not even a United States then, Oregon did not exist! Just like to put it into context. This is still used as a church by the local people. Going on 300 years old.
We had another lovely visit today and Cousin John fixed my XM Radio, so now i can actually use it. Even programed in some stations, so that i can easily change stations if i need to, without leaving my driving. He is also going to set up my computer for GPS, imagine!!!

Today i also set up for my next 4 days of travel through Texas and into New Mexico. Looking at the weather, one can imagine it is going to be cold. Weather is supposed to change here too, so staying for awhile would not save me :)

Here is my Lovely Texas Family, Aunt Ruth in the middle and Cousin John and his wife Linda!


  1. That's great for you that someone is helping with the electronics stuff. Unfortunately the cold is everywhere, no escaping it this week.

  2. Good luck with your travels. Hunker down if it gets too windy! :)

  3. It's even cold here in California, Loree. Nice to see your sweet family. I loved that mission, too. As a kid I studied the missions of California and always loved them, not realizing there were many other across the southern part of the country.