Monday, February 21, 2011


You know, when sitting still, i really don't do an awful lot. A tour here and there. Gas has gotten SO expensive. Just the Joshua Tree trip was $26 for gas.
This is the entrance to the park where i am.
We went to the dog park today and Luci was scared and would not leave my side, even tho she was off leash. So i walked around the park, talking to her, (am sure all the people there think i am crazy) and she followed, drooling, as there were a couple large dogs there. She is so funny, cute, but funny!
Did my laundry today, went well, and not to expensive here. only $1 per load and took 75 cents to dry the light things and $1 for the heavier items, like sweatshirts.
Want to bring your attention the last book read, 'These is my Words' by Nancy Turner. It takes place in the Arizona Territories and i have two more books in the series to complete. Found them at the Saguaro NP headquarters and of course had to have them all, as would not want to get interested and then not be able to find the continuation of the 'story'. This is a work of fiction, but based on the author's Great-Grandmother and takes place in Tucson and Benson, AZ area. I find it interesting to find and read books of areas where i have been. You can just picture the area where the people in the story live. Have another book too that takes place in Mobile, AL and New Orleans.
This was such a story! It has everything, can't wait to share it with people at home.
Take Care all!!!

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  1. I am so happy you are in California!!! I can't wait to see you... I love your photos of Joshua Tree; they are beautiful :)