Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just noticed, i got over 10,000 page views!!! does that mean that many people took a peek at what i said? Gosh, hope i did not disappoint!!!! Thank you all so very much! Oh, Just occurred, it could have been all of those Oregon people wondering where i was!!!!! HaHa!!!!
Love you All!!


  1. I haven't been in Oregon since Sept., so it must be something else! :)

  2. Well I'm one of the 10K so CONGRATULATIONS not only on having all of us wondering along with you but also on getting the pageviews to work on your blog.

    I think it's a cool ap and have tried numerous times to set it up in the design page and it works great in "preview" but not when I save it. On the blog page itself, all I get is the word pageview and nothing else.

    Are you using the blogspot pageview gadget in "Design"? Or something else??


  3. Sherry,
    Well i don't know that. a friend set it up for me, then i went to the sitemeter and added the counter thingy.... sorry

  4. Awesome milestone. And yes we do read all the fun things you have to say! :)