Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sabine Pass

Well, i finally found something!!! got on mapquest last night and went right to it! who would've thought :) It was interesting but bitter cold, flat,flat marsh out there. Lots of oil refineries and a huge shipping lane up the Sabine River, Big, big river. that was why it was so strategic during the Civil War, the confederacy was shipping cotton out and guns/supplies in. On 9-8-1863 Lt Dowling and his men, numbering only 42 men, in an unfinished fort, took on the Union army of 15,000, captured 350 prisoners and 3 gunboats, winning the day! Securing the river for the Confederacy. The men were mostly Irishmen from Galveston and had been together in company form since 1861.
It was an earthworks bunker

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