Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saguaro NP

The National Park was only about 40 miles from where i am camped and was an easy drive west on I-10. Got specific directions from map quest, so easy peasy. This was wild, soooo many different cacti and pricklies, never saw any wild life tho, but the Ranger said they come out at night, i did hear a coyote here at the camp one night, Luci was very concerned. I took so many pictures, but will just show a couple of the variety. I could have easily got carried away and did in a sense, my humor started taking over, as some of them have expressions, you might say, look at the one to the left "Oh, My!!"

And there are such a variety, some with many arms, some with none, some with baby arms, 'think today i will grow an arm?' It was just sort of funny or maybe you had to be there.
Came back and got the truck hooked up and the sewer hose put away, so just last minute things for tomorrow's move, only to Tonopah, Half way to Desert Hot Springs for a month b4 the final push for home.


  1. I am sure I would of enjoyed a good laugh with you...and then you know what happens!!

  2. Those saguaro are truly amazing plants. I had a botany professor in college who especially loved them and had some amazing stories about their ability to survive and "grow new arms" in the harsh deserts. Hope you enjoy your month in Desert Hot Springs! Lots of bloggers seems to show up there.