Friday, February 4, 2011


Still here...LOVE the electric mattress pad, it has two controls too, so i can put Luci's side way low :) they have to be comfortable, don't you know? and i was all toasty warm all night long...still have water ok in the rv. the 'skiff' of snow has melted, there was frozen sleet under it tho, will give them that, boy they are sure in a tizzy over a little bit of snow!!! But they are not prepared for it at all as it is so unusual for this area. apparently a lot of people don't even use anti-freeze.
Am just going to stay hunkered down, tomorrow supposed to be in the 60's, hard to believe right now. Sorry to always be talking about the weather. Maybe Judy was right and we just seem to be closer to it in the RV.
Thanks for all the comments, makes me feel like i am not so alone here.
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Glad warm weather is on the way for you. San Antonio is a great city. Hopefully it will warm up so you can see it unfettered.

  2. Your never alone out here Loree. Folks are just a few key strokes away:)) And it's true, we all live much closer to the unpredictable weather out here on the road than many sticks & bricks people do. Just think, in another month we'll all be talking about how hot it's getting. Take care:))