Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Area

These flags were HUGE, flying by the Port Arthur Mall

Got up this morning and of course my water was frozen, unhooked it, and the faucet was frozen too, so, just not me, I had not hooked up the sewage, so could not leave the water dripping all night. Was NOT going to spend another night like last night, so went on a hunt for another space heater and an electric blanket! Came away with heavy socks, gloves/a fleece headband to cover my ears, and i went to Wally World, Lowe's and an outdoor store. Went on down to Sabine Pass. On the way back saw another part of the Mall on another side of the highway, so went into Bed, Bath and Beyond and found an electric mattress pad.
Hooked up the pick up and put the water hose away, as don't want to do that in the morning, and going to get out of here. And hope to get even a bit of a higher temp further South! Looking at the weather channel, tho, looks as if this is just everywhere, but will be a bit further down the road and can visit with my Aunt....:)

This tire shop was right next to a large building that the roof had collapsed inward and everything was just left there, still..............

This pretty much what it looks like here, flat, flat, marshy and things just all blown apart and not fixed. Saw a couple boats washed up where they were not supposed to be. Imagine their owners just never knew where they ended up?

There were many, many large building looking like this, the lower level of the siding, just was no longer there and looks like it was chewed or ripped off.


  1. You're viewing the ravages of Hurricane Ike. Even though it's been two years, it takes a long time to recover from such devastation. :(

  2. I'm back again and checking in on folks. Geez, the weather out there looks awful. Glad you got some stuff to help keep you warm. Yes, west is better, for the moment at least.

  3. Ya, this weather is no fun. Hope you are somewhere warmer tomorrow.

  4. An electric blanket really helps us save on fuel at night. Hope you like yours. Our water froze also. We got it thawed and then took the water hose off last night, but where we connect to the park is also freezing. That is all we'll have to thaw today. Stay warm.

  5. Good Luck finding a warm place. I think it's cold every where.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise