Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Maybe i need to forget the beach and just start heading WEST, young man, WEST. Looked at the weather channel on the computer and it is cold everywhere!!! I just don't think i want to sit around here waiting for the weather to warm up. That is the thing about this rv thing, plans change, you can go where you want.
You know it was t- shirt weather and downright nice when i got here, said to myself "self.... this is not bad, i can take this weather.." even had the window open last night when i went to bed, then about 7am it started storming with that long rolling thunder that happens here on the plains, then the temp dropped/plummeted along with rain and it is cold!!!
Then after we got up and about and took ourselves out to DO something, i promptly got lost, forgot my phone and had to figure out how to get back by myself, without calling the rv park! Well, turns out was not all that lost. Never did find anything i was looking for. This appears to be a very depressed area, stuck in the 80's, run down/closed homes and businesses, roads in sad shape. Yet there was a big new Mall area and some newer homes. There are many huge plants, think they are oil processing, looks sort of like what was in Wyoming, but on a much grander scale, of course, this is Texas!!! There is still alot of marsh and water everywhere, bird life.
Take Care all, here is to warmer weather!!!!
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  1. Don't think you're going to find warmer weather much of anywhere for the next few days. :(

  2. Tad on the cool side here in southeast Arizona as well at the moment but the sun's rays are always warm. Just have to find a spot on the sunny side of the rig out of the wind & life is generally good. We were through that part of Texas where you are back in 2004 & didn't care for the area either so just kept right on a moving.

  3. Cold and snowy, blizzard snowy, in Iowa. All of us are tucked in and waiting for a break to get out and shovel!