Thursday, February 10, 2011


Out my front door tonight, An actual Mountain!!
OOOOO, am NOT supposed to do this, but how else can you get perspective? of what Texas is like on this part of I-10? There is just not much to see...
pAnd this, bet that knob has a name!

Just for my friends in Oregon, the Roadkill report has been lacking!!! Since entering Texas i have seen 2 deer, 3 coyote many, many, many possums!!! and skunks. This is all up until San Antonio. Since then have seen about a dozen skunks just today, west Texas must be skunky!!!! and many unidentifiable critters! You have to understand that the speed limit is 80mph!!! 80! and when something is hit, it is pretty well smeared and you can't tell what it is, just that there was something there that should not have been. Skunks you can tell because of that white stripe down the black :)
On a happier note, in the Junction Koa there was a gaggle of geese, is that what they are? a group? more than one or 3, there were a dozen or so. They would waddle down to the river about 8-9am, then back up the bank and to a little house for them about 7p, so cute! they walk like Luci does!!! THEN this morning there were turkeys!!! about 5 of them, and they were huge, i swear i bet they were as tall as i am!! just sayin', big!! but they were very aware of me, even tho i was inside the RV, all excited, jumping up and down, cursing, trying to find the camera, may have alerted them, HA! anyway they were not there for long, and loped off.
THEN driving here, i saw a javelina, to those same Oregon friends, who no doubt don't know what that is, it is a wild pig, pretty large/black. it was off the road, but clearly identifiable and ALIVE.. Cool. but no armadillos yet :(
It was a good days drive, got here about 2:30P, then dumped rv systems and added water as supposed to freeze tonight and don't want to hook up outside water. They have a little cafe here at the park and going to go there for dinner and breakfast in the morning, tired of my own cooking .
sunny and bright today, but kept the sweatshirt on all day
Take Care and God Bless all


  1. Guess you haven't read the kid's book "Don't Call Me a Pig!" Written by a javelina, no doubt. :)

  2. Looks like you are the only one in that campground.