Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am stuck here in Junction... the winds are fierce and the RV is encased in ice. My hair froze on the way back from the shower!! I don't take showers in the RV as i am a big gal and the shower is very teeny tiny, and don't like the idea of all that moisture in here. Altho the shower here was very smallish, almost laughable, but adequate. So i am going on safety side and staying here another day, as the weather will get marginally better tomorrow. Don't think i could get the water unhooked anyway as it is frozen, have to use my stored water.. i know whine, whine, whine.
Stay warm all of you!!!


  1. Omigosh, Loree, this sounds just so yukky! I hope YOU are staying warm and your plan to stay put sounds really good. Surely don't need to be driving on icy roads in all this. It's gotta warm up eventually

  2. oh dear Loree - you can whine at this one! Frozen hair, don't know if I have experienced that! You won't leave in marginal weather will you....another day - another movie, good book and your warm mattress pad and I would forgo the shower if you are hunkering down!! Be careful..Love ya!

  3. Frozen Hair?? I think I'd forego the shower. :)

  4. So sorry about the ice... that is the worst.

    In high school, I used to let my curly hair dry naturally, so went to school with it wet pretty often. It will indeed freeze!

    Hope you thaw out soon!

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)

  5. IO am with Judy, I would rather be stinky rather than frozen :)