Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wonders & Glories

Click on the picture, as always, to make them bigger, this was just wonderful to see and experience and so glad that i was able to do it. It just makes you wonder, how they found the caves and for them to be just right for them too, facing south. and up this itty bitty canyon, with a creek running down it, even now, when there is hardly any water anywhere in the area. You will cross over a bridge like the Mimbres River and there is just nothing there.
the Ranger said there was a path up to the mesa also and places where they had retaining walls for run off and evidence of beans and corn being grown there and irrigated.
There were a couple of residence caves or dwellings and then a larger one for ceremonies. A number of storage areas.
They were hardy folk that is for sure.

Oh, the things i have seen today! Al from 'the Bayfield Bunch' is right, you have to get off the Interstates and go back into the mountains. Went to the Gila Cave Dwellings about 100 miles northeast of Deming. Geez it was a long way!! and windy road, on the way back took a different route, road not as long per the Ranger BUT it was pretty steep and windy, well i guess. I would have turned around, but there was no place to do it!!! it was that narrow and no yellow line, it was sort of like one of the paved logging roads in the mountains in Oregon. Awful. BUT i got to where i was heading, and that is a good thing.
There were red rocks and rocks that looked like there was green splattered on them, and hills of red and yellow, big vistas. Pine trees, cedar trees, those are just the ones that i know for sure what they are :) juniper, but not like the ones at home. Lots of different cactus. OH and 1st thing this morning right by the RV i saw a roadrunner, was very excited, got a pic, but it sort of blended with the gravel. It was neat to see.
And the dwelling's were wonderful and we got to walk right inside, amongst them so to speak, and i made it up there!!! which was an event! Just took it slow and easy, and taking lots of vitamin C tonight, supposed to help with aches if doing something out of the ordinary, like yard work, so says a friend :) they said 1/2 mile, hmmm, maybe as a bird flew, but the bridges and switchbacks were numerous. many stairs, even a ladder. Saw 700 year old corn, and paintings on the wall/ceiling. The weather was even nice, little cool in the canyon and back inside the dwellings, but warm in the sun.


  1. Sounds like you had a good and exciting day.

  2. Don't you just love exciting days like that?? :)

  3. Sounds like a great day, full of adventure. :)