Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today is Mom's birthday....Love you always...

My brother's friend, Carol Tamarkin passed away the evening of the 28th of an asthma attack while sleeping. She was a very kind lady, someone who was becoming a part of the family, she will be sorely missed.
My niece, JeriMay was involved in a auto accident in the snow on Mt Hood over the week end, broke her right ankle, fractured her knee cap and cracked her sternum and some ribs. Following surgery, she is back at her home as of yesterday. Her boyfriend broke his back, he is also home. Life goes on even when we are not there.

The lady at the top of our little cul de sac has a lemon tree out back and last night she had a big yellow bucket at the foot of her driveway with a sign "Free Lemons" Luci and i scooped up two when we were on out last walk of the evening. Look at how HUGE they are compared to the puny store one i bought!!!
This morning Luci erped on the bed!!! Sooo even tho just the day b4 i had 'redone' the bed i had to go do laundry today and make the bed, yet, again. I am getting to be quite the expert contortionist :)
So as long as i was doing that might as well wash the rug she piddled on yesterday, because i was not paying attention to her, apparently the computer is more interesting...... gave her a bath, caught up on all her pills and lotions for fleas and what not, vacuumed as we are having some company Friday
Lost the phone, spent HOURS looking for it!!! HOW can that happen, i was doing some nail grooming and put the phone up with all the scissors and files, geez, where is my mind?
Had to put in the awning as it got windy out, BUT i relaxed in the sun while the wash was going, that was fun!!!
Nice day, Take Care all!!

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  1. Sorry about all these "events". Sending good wishes to you and all. At least you didn't put your phone in the freezer. I've been known to do that one.