Monday, March 14, 2011

Laundry in Paradise

I think this is an oleander bush, but not sure, they are planted in hedges between sites and they are starting to bloom!!! Some are varying shades of pink, most are white like the one out my front door.
Spent the morning at the pool, doing laundry, it is a fun way to do the laundry, lay in the sun, swim in the pool, check on your clothes. Don't mind doing laundry this way :)
It was a windy day in paradise, but a lite cloud cover did not come in until AFTER the laundry was done and i was back in the RV, just so you know......
Take Care all


  1. That sure looks like oleander to me. What a way to do the laundry...I bet I won't have half as much fun when I do mine tomorrow!

  2. How do you stand such a rough laundry day?? :)

  3. Love it! Just keep in mind that those sweet oleander bushes are poison to animals. Usually they are smart enough to not touch the leaves, but I did have to watch Jeremy when we were there in Desert Hot Springs because he thought they might be interesting enough to nibble.

  4. Into each life, a little laundry must come. Pool time makes it a bit easier though.