Monday, March 7, 2011

My Day

Well, when the battery light flashes, take the vehicle to see what is up, even if it stops, which mine did, but then the car stopped too!! eventually. And i spent my day at Fiesta Ford, very nice people tho. The alternator went out, it was not the battery. And the people at the Chev dealer in La Quinta are very nice people too, and jump started the car Twice!!! People behind me helped to push the car to the curb, I now have a car rental as they have to wait for the part, hopefully have it tomorrow. AND the Ford dealer is paying for the car rental from Enterprise, how nice is that? Of course i am paying to have the pick-up fixed, but don't think they were obligated to pay for the car rental. Did not get home until 6pm, dark and STILL have winds at 25 mph per the weather on the TV

AND when i got here took a couple of frantic minutes b4 i remembered that you have to have the car in park to remove the key. And the wind mashed the RV door into the side of my head, Welcome Home
Oh, and when going to In N Out Burgers, tell them you are NOT eating it in the car and you will get the burger in a sack rather than open in a little box, which i had to fight Luci off of all the way home!!!
Quite the day, pretty sunset tho!!
Take Care and God Bless all!!!

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