Thursday, March 3, 2011


California has no signage, can't believe things are soooo hard to find!
First thing this morning, fellow Blogger, Rick, from Rick & Paulette's RV travels showed up at my front door, well i sent a comment that i would like to meet them as we are in the same park and here he was, it was really nice to meet someone that you read about every day! He told me how to get to Temecula.
But there are NO signs after a certain way. Got to Hemet ok, but after that, it was a toss up. Finally stopped at a Yellow Basket, (fast food, got a huge pastrami, ate half) and they directed me further. Even at that took some wrong turns to get to the Old Downtown area. But did finally find the "Wool Lady" really neat, cute store, to get things like the 'Penny Rug' that i just finished. Also found a quilt store across the street, which was really nice. Bad for me :) THEN had to find my way home at 3p and traffic had started to get even worse than it was. You know we are really spoiled in Oregon. I don't remember the traffic being all that bad, and going on FOREVER. I finally got back at 4:30p after heading in what i thought was the general direction, and NO signs, that I-10 was near or coming up, or what town was next down the road.
AND when i was in the two stores, Luci managed somehow, don't ask me how!!! to get up on the dashboard and get that half a pastrami sandwich and ate ALL the meat, left the bun, and spilled the coke, probably needed something to drink after all that salt! She has been very subdued all evening, and i did NOT feed her dinner, geez, the little heifer! Did take her on a long walk tho, to see if there would be some sort of elimination.
AND this morning i put on the water for my soft boiled eggs, and after 10 minutes, went to get them, no eggs, but nice hot water, has anyone done that? A 1st for me! Can i not remember anything? Well, at least i can find myself when i get lost :) far...
Take Care ALL!!!


  1. If I don't set the timer, I usually forget and then the water boils out of the pan.

  2. It was great meeting you this morning and Paulette would love to meet up with you as well. Glad you found your way and back to Temecula even though you did have some difficulty.

  3. Poor Luci, I bet her stomach don't feel so good today.

    Can't even tell you how many times we've gotten lost!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  4. Wished I had a dollar for every time I have forgot to put coffee in the coffee pot filter & brewed myself up a perfect cup of hot water!!

  5. At least you remembered why you were boiling the water in the first place. :)

  6. I do not go anywhere anymore without a GPS. Like having a local in the car (most of the time).

    I have made hot water a number of times instead of coffee and I am expecting to lose myself anytime soon now.