Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are plagued with wind. LOTS of wind, started at about 9am and no let up in sight, i am rockn' n' rolln' all over the place. Have stuff weighted down so it does not just plain ass blow away!
Luci is hiding under the couch as she does not like the banging of stuff and the movement, i think.
Have not done anything the last couple of days but sit about, do normal everyday things and read!!
So if i don't blog, there is just not anything to say, nothing new, samo, samo and that seems a little redundant to go on about. It's NOT like there is anything wrong :)

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. You should have stayed in San Diego! Just light breezes here, but rain is expected. Yesterday was gorgeous, shorts/Tshirt weather. Today I'm wearing sweats. Poor Luci - :(

  2. Got breezy here mid afternoon but not as bad as it sounds like you have.

  3. Batten the hatches - it's going to blow all night!

  4. Those same bad winds are rocking & rolling us over here at Joshua Tree as well. Not nice!!