Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chores & Planning

Today Brian came over and turned on the irrigation water, checked all the sprinklers and timers and things that i manage to get 'messed' up during the summer. Promised i would not touch anything! got the lawn mower out of the back of the pick up and installed in the back yard.
Then we went for a drive to Crooked River Ranch to look at a property i saw. He thought it looked really good, 'had potential' I thought it looked as if it needs alot of work!!! Also talked to a realtor and will get together with her next week, maybe we can see the inside of the property and maybe she has a line on some others. Want something with some land to it, so dogs can run, i can get some cats and yard to work in. A place to park the RV. Maybe Brians's trailer also. We will see.
Prices are down right now on certain places, but many of them have been sitting for awhile and are really run down. Thinking and looking.
Take Care All

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  1. Now that sounds like something I would do. Jim often tells me not to touch any knobs or buttons or what have you because I think I know what I'm doing. Tee Hee. Good luck with the property looking. How's our Luci doing?