Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is snowing!!!

Boy am i mixed up, Jim and Sandie are with "Where are the Dixons?", "2 Taking the 5th" are Stu and Donna, The Dixons have 2 Dachshunds, like Luci and Stu and Donna have a boxer. And apparently i can't keep things straight or report properly, no one complained, or brought it up, i happened to notice it this morning, geez
And yes it is SNOWING here, not sticking, but still! and what is it in DHS??? 70 at least i am sure! My quest for warmth this year has fizzled, as did the weather, just fizz......


  1. Nothing like April snow. May the weather turn nice soon! ;-)

  2. We love Stu and Donna (met them before they got Sadie) so it didn't matter to us. Besides, I figured you were in shock with the snow as I would be. Hope it improves really quick.