Monday, April 4, 2011

Not Much

Check SpellingJust working around the house, getting things in order. Made dinner and cookies for my son, BUT there is a big 'game' tonight and he couldn't make it, more for me!!! Made a Pot Roast, recipe from "the Pioneer Woman"
Appears the alternator put in on March 8th was not good, the Ford dealer here in Bend is honoring the warranty and it won't cost anything, but it has drained the battery ability to keep a charge, so need a new one of those, it is always something, i swear.
These flowers are from the Culinary School opening in Tehachapi i went to before i left.
We are having cold weather, supposed to get snow!!! Wednesday, i don't believe it, Will it never be warm? It is in Desert Hot Springs!! Could be still swimming in the pool there, aarrrgggg...........
Take Care All


  1. Definitely - always something going wrong. Thank goodness for the warranty. SNOW - does Luci hate snow as much as my girls?

  2. We're more than ready for some spring weather around here. I guess we'll have to skip spring this year and hope for summer!