Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Was out of toilet tissue and Pepto-Bismal, the essentials in life! So went to Costco, wandered around for awhile, that place just fascinates me, but don't usually get alot of the big bulk foods as can't eat it all! Managed to keep the expenditure below $100. Books are such a deal there, but have to figure which ones i want to keep or hold for my little library, rather than get them on the Kindle.
Also to Old Navy for birthday gift of clothes for the 21 yr old niece.
Luci went along and was happy, happy in the car. As long as she is not left behind and gets to be with me, she is good as gold.
The snow was off and on all day, so COLD out. The passes are a mess and Mt Bachelor and Mt Hood are happy for Spring ski season.
Take Care All......


  1. Scooter loves to go, loves to sight see, loves to ride. Skittlez (same color as your Luci) hates anything with wheels that moves. She doesn't like the outdoors and only goes out when she absolutely has to. I've never known a dog quite like her. She just panics when we pull in the slides.

    We always have to get a polish hot dog when we go to Costco. One of our favorite reasons for going there.

  2. Katie is the same way, as long as she gets to come along, she's happy. I love COSTCO. But my shopping days there are going to be curtailed a lot when I'm living in a 24' motor home! I'll still get fresh fruit and veggies, though.

  3. Oh yeah, Jim and Sandie, Costco dogs are the best.

    Our dogs would rather wait in the car than wait at home for us.

    I thought we would be escaping that spring snow when we left Oregon but it found us in Nevada. I hope spring decides to arrive before we come back. It is good for the ski resorts though.

  4. a shortage of TP is always something that requires a quick response.