Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today had lunch with friends at Applebee's, our favorite place.
Then have dentist appt and one doctor. Have to play catch up with them all, so he will keep giving me meds :) HA!
Windy out and cold..... Looking for that nice Spring weather, or maybe this is it?
Think maybe the generator won't work on the RV as only have a little over a fourth of a tank of gas. Hope that is all it is. RV did not smell that bad with all of the Irish Spring strewn about inside it!! Maybe the smell dissipates after awhile, but the effectiveness does not, Hope so.
Went to see Aunt Thelma yesterday, she is much the same, doesn't know up from down. But looked perky, she is not eating.....sad....
Well, take care all and God Bless, take care of one another.


  1. Now that I'm in California, I'll supply you with sunny pictures like you did for me when you were in Florida. I don't envy you the rain at all.

  2. I love Applebee's.

    Hopefully that is the gen's problem. My salesman told me mine won't work if I'm at 1/4 tank. That's good, I'd hate to have it run me out of gas!

  3. Isn't spring EVER going to come to Oregon? Seems Bend is usually sunny and warm this time of year.

  4. Dave says to tell you that your generator will NOT work without more that 1/4 tank of gas. Keeps you from running out on the road!! We finally have sunshine here in the Tehachapi Mountains! Yea! Changes my whole outlook on life!!

  5. I always look for a doctor that will give me prescriptions for a year at a time. But your are right you have to keep them happy.