Monday, April 18, 2011

Weeellll, finally gave up & took the computer to a place down the street, new place. the disk was not recognized by the mother board. Thought at 1st would have to get new disk thingy, but they took it out, tried a different one & it worked, so not the mother board fault. Put back in the old one & it worked!!! what the h...? So have Roxio downloaded and now trying to figure it out :) one thing or another. they never charged me for their time either.. that was kind!
Got some stuff to try to shine up the RV, now just need to get a couple days that is above 40!!! and will go out to wash and rub the RV to death, can hardly wait......
Gas just keeps going up and up, don't know when i will plan another trip or jaunt. But reading other peoples blogs sure makes me envious and wanting to GO somewhere.
Take Care All!!!


  1. Don't you just hate machines sometimes. But I'm sure glad you got it working - even though nobody knows why or how.

  2. Well, Loree, it's 40 degrees here in Rocky Point today as well, but we have full sun! Glad you got everything working ok.