Saturday, April 2, 2011


Pick-up broke down when coming home from Madras!!! Same thing! this time tho the radio stopped playing, would cut out when i used the turn signal, then all the gauges stopped working. THEN it would not take off in 1st, had to pour on the gas, got to the north end of Bend and pulled into Les Schwab and they said it sounded electrical, had it towed this morning to the Ford garage, they said they would honor parts and work done at Fiesta Ford in La Quinta, Ca, which is a good thing!!! So poor Gertie is at the Ford place, hopefully getting an operation that will work!!!
AND could not get the generator in the RV to start, so have a call in to the RV tech, hope i am just not pushing the right button. BUT all the Irish Spring is distributed throughout the coach and BOY does it smell!!!! Hope that dissipates, yet still works!
We are just Springy all over the place!!! Got 3 packages of soap or six bars cut into 4ths :) Seemed like alot of pieces Ha!!!
We are supposed to have rain all next week... Don't quite know what i think of that..
My niece Jeri May will turn 21 on the 8th!!!! Seems only yesterday she was a little girl....
Take Care All


  1. Hope the rain doesn't get to your Irish Spring or you will be sudsy all over. Sorry to hear about your problems with Gertie and the generator. Hope it all gets fixed quickly and for very cheap.

  2. Just catching up on blogs, Loree, so sorry to hear about your truck. You are the most recent poster, so you are first. I have something like 120 posts to catch up on and try to see how everyone is doing. We are in Pahrump, NV, beautiful cloudy skies. Hopefully I can blog tonight!

  3. You have a wonderful spirit! You just seem to roll along with whatever is happening. I hope the truck and gen. problems are quickly solved. Love the Irish Spring idea, I will file that one away just in case I need it in the future.

  4. Gee, I guess sometime the old adage applies-when it rains, it pours-in more ways than one. Hope it all turns out well!