Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yard Work

Been working in the yard, taking it slow and easy as i am not used to doing this, we have had yard boy doing it for the last 2 years. This year money is tight, and we (me) are doing it ourselves :) It does feel good, as Al says at 'the Bayfield Bunch', to stretch and feel an accomplishment. It just seems a little daunting right now, as there is so much to do. But it is not really that bad as it has been cared for like i said the last couple of years so there is not too much build-up. Just alot of dead things from last year. Just got the side of the yard picked up of all the debris from cedar bushes along the property line that shed ALOT of twigs or needles, whatever that is! And the strawberry plants below the Oregon Grape. Everything is sort of matted into the crevices and grass. Things have to be cut back and pulled out. Good exercise and gives me a purpose :) All the tramping to and fro.
Above pic is of the mission in San Antonio that i got to
Take Care all. It is really a beautiful day out there, have to get Luci out for a walk!
Take Care


  1. When I lived in Pollock Pines I had a TON of Cedar trees. I remember how hard it was to clean up after them every spring. What a mess they make! Bags and Bags of twigs and needles/leaves.
    But a great feeling of accomplishment when the ground was all cleared.

  2. Just catching up with my blog reading...glad to hear you didn't actually have to pay additional taxes.

    Don't work too hard on that yard work and wear yourself out. Hope it is warming up in Oregon. We're going to stay away until it does!!

  3. Debris and a lot of it. One of those things about living in Oregon. and no. it isn't warming up at all yet. The sun is wimpy and simpy and the breezes are chilly, and there is still snow in the air, even if not on the ground. April is notoriously icky around here.

  4. Walking the dog - definitely good exercise. Doing yard work - not good. Guess that's why we have dogs and not a yard.