Monday, May 9, 2011

I've Got to tell you!!

Old House near Culver, Oregon that i keep taking pics of over the years, eventually hope to get 'the perfect' one :)
Well when in Madras visiting the RV, i locked myself out!! and
the keys were in the ignition, spare ones in the pick up in Bend.
SO, got a ladder, had left the window over the dinette unlocked, thank heavens and have decided to just leave it unlocked. Was able to slide it open and the screen and had to get on the TOP of the ladder. Got my right leg in and was straddling the window sill and the left leg was being pulled by the ladder as it was slipping, the ladder, not the leg. Had to undo the table and lower it while tilting back and forth, as did not think my weight would do the table any good, being supported only by the ONE leg and the pinning on the wall. It was definitely quite the balancing act, to not lean on the table nor let the ladder go under my left leg. when the table was down, then supported by the benches i was able to lean and fall into the space, get up and out and take those darn keys with me... I was just glad this was way out in the country, hopefully no one saw me and not in an RV park where there would surely be someone to notice....
Love, taking pictures of trees and our juniper trees are especially suited for this as no two are alike, some lots older and twisted than others. This one is at the very top of Round Butte.
Today am going to see some houses in Redmond with a realtor. It is exciting, but scary too. I bought a low income FHA home in Culver in 1975. Then a single wide mobile home in 1978. So this will be really my 1st venture in real estate in a loooonng time. Have done alot of soul searching if this is the right thing, but can just do what we think is right at the time. :)
My trip showed me i am more of a social being than i would like to think and i feel the need to be near family. To not be gone and inaccessible for such a long periods of time.
Oh...and we woke up to a skiff of snow again this morning, what is this s***??? anyway??? It is not really that there is snow but that it is cold enough for there to BE any in the 1st place.
Take Care and God Bless all......


  1. Well, that's exciting news! I mean about the possible house, not about getting locked out. But I guess it is exciting news that you were able to manuever your way back into the motorhome without using any keys!

  2. I wish I would have been there with the video camera. We'd win the America's Funniest Videos with that one. We got locked in not too long ago and had the same kind of experience getting out. Glad you didn't fall and break anything. Good luck with the house buying. Exciting and scary all at the same time.

  3. That sure sounds like enough excitement for a while! :)

  4. Well Loree - when you called me this morning and we ended up talking for 1.5 hrs you never told me about your adventures when locking the keys in the RV. I do have to heartily agree with Jim and Sandie - wish I had been there - I am sure the tears would of run down my legs!!

  5. Loree, I'm trying not to laugh, really I am! Next time make sure you have someone with a video camera standing by, you might just win the "big one" on America's Funniest Home Videos!! Seriously, I'm glad you were able to get back in okay without getting hurt. Seems the lock-outs (or ins) happen more often than we would like to see.

    We've been checking houses online for soemtime looking for a smaller place. Seems there are some good buys in Redmond and that area right now. Good luck.

  6. I am glad you managed to get into the MH without breaking anything-like your neck. Good luck with the house hunting.

  7. Very funny story of your re-entry to get your keys. But I know it wasn't funny at the time. Glad it turned out well.


  8. The mental picture of you rescueing your keys is priceless. Very funny on this side but I am betting very frustrating while it was happening. Congrats on house hunting! As you know, I moved all the way to Davneport to be near family. It feels sooooo good, too.

  9. The video would have been great, but you did such a great job describing your ordeal, I felt I was seeing it perfectly. I know what you mean about being near family. One of the reasons we will stay in Oregon as the years go by. Part timing can be the perfect solution. Yeah, snow, that. Ugh! The sun is shining here this morning and I would imagine it may find Bend as well!