Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today two of my 'Lady' friends and i went to Redmond for lunch and to look at THE house. My sister-in-law met us there. They thought it looked nice.. workable :) and there are two huge lilac bushes blooming near the rear gate! My favorite flower!!! It was just gorgeous. Someone even mowed down the grass/weeds so they were not knee high. It was grey. I made sure they both knew how to get to my house.
It is starting to rain and supposed to rain all week end. This is a big weekend here, in that people want to get out and start their summer plans/camping. It is going to be pretty miserable for them. Even snow on the passes. We are planning to go to the 'valley' tomorrow and take a short run to the beach on Friday for the day.
So i am getting out of town for awhile. Excited to sort of be on the move.
Take Care all....


  1. Lilac bushes are an added bonus! Have fun on your trips to the valley and the coast.

  2. Yeah, the weather is supposed to be rainy, but it won't stop Dave and me from going camping. Hey, at least we're not expecting any tornadoes!

  3. Beach and rain both sound great to me here in the desert SW where my eyes are complaining constantly about how dry it is.

    CONGRATS on the Lilac bushes. They are beautiful, smell great and require almost no care. What more could one ask for??